Frequently Asked Questions

What is System Lords?

System Lords is a browser-based, massively multiplayer real-time strategy game and is created by 26horses Production

What is the objective as a player in the game?

To rule over what is yours and those you wish to rule over. Build, learn new technologies and conquer.

When will BETA start?

The date for BETA to start is still unknown. Although that doesn't mean its a long time away. The game is finished but there is just a few things being redesigned at the moment.

How long has System Lords been in developement?

Around 18 months of exhuasting efforts.

How realistic is the map of the galaxy in the game?

The galaxy is a real scale galaxy consisting of a real distance between stars. With low hyper drive technology it can take a month or more to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other using ships. Using the stargate network is obviously instant travel.

Can a gate on a planet be buried and unburied?

Yes if you choose to bury the gate on your planet you may do so but at great cost to the development of your dominion.

Will there be alliances in the game?

Yes there are alliances in the game. Each alliance has their own forum and profile with in the game.

Is it possible to die in the game?

Players can actually kill each other in the game. Although it will be difficult since a player can slip through the gate and rebuild if the player expects defeat. Any player that dies still keeps their dominion level and technology level.

Will the game be reset every so many months where all players start over at once?

Currently the plan is to make the game where it does not reset.

What can I do to help the success of System Lords?

Spread the word! Tweet about it, make wall posts on facebook and text all your friends.

Will I beable to play this game on my cell phone or pc tablet?

As long as your phone has java script enabled browser you should beable to play this game on most modern cell phones and pc tablets. The entire game is touch screen enable. About 90 percent of all game interaction is button pushing.

How do I keep up with the game while away from the game?

System lords has cell phone text alerts built into the game mechanics. Only if you choose to you can set your account up to receive alerts when planets you own get attacked.

How much play strategy does the game consist of?

The amount strategy in the game is almost endless. No one player will play their account the same way. The differant technologies fields in the game give massive choices in the direction of your dominion.

Are there differant races in System lords?

Currently a player can only be a one race. Although races may be added in the future.